A history of the homestead act and the life of homesteaders

What is the Homestead Act of ?

A history of the homestead act and the life of homesteaders

During the s, the federal government promoted westward expansion in a variety of ways. This expansion changed the shape and character of the country.

A history of the homestead act and the life of homesteaders

Using information from the documents and your knowledge of United States history, answer the questions that follow each document. Describe the actions taken by the federal government that led to westward expansion during the s Discuss the impact of westward expansion on the United States According to this document, how did the Homestead Act encourage the settlement of the West?

Thematic Essay 1 Theme: Influence of Geographic Factors on Governmental Actions Actions taken by the United States government have often been influenced by geographic factors. Some of these factors include location, climate, natural resources, and physical features.

Identify two actions taken by the United States government that have been influenced by geographic factors and for each State one reason the United States took the action Describe how a geographic factor influenced the action Discuss the impact of the action on the United States You may use any action taken by the United States government that was influenced by a geographic factor.

Thematic Essay 2 Theme: Geography and United States Government Actions Geographic factors often influence United States government actions, both foreign and domestic.

Some of these factors include location, physical environment, movement of people, climate, and resources.


Identify two actions taken by the United States government that were influenced by geographic factors, and for each action: Discuss the historical circumstances that resulted in the government action Discuss the influence of a geographic factor on the action Describe the impact of the government action on the United States From your study of United States history, you may use any federal government action that was influenced by geography.

Some suggestions you might wish to consider include the Louisiana Purchaseissuance of the Monroe Doctrinepassage of the Homestead Actdecision to build the transcontinental railroad sacquisition of the Philippinesdecision to build the Panama Canal early s and passage of the Interstate Highway Act Thematic Essay 3 Theme: Territorial Expansion — Various events or developments have influenced the territorial expansion of the United States.

Inthe United States was a new nation of approximatelysquare miles of territory. Bythe nation had grown to about 3, square miles of territory.

Identify two events or developments that had a significant impact on United States territorial expansion between and and for each event or development identified: Discuss the historical circumstances surrounding the event or development Evaluate the importance of the event or development on the growth of the United States You may use any example from your study of United States history.

Some suggestions you might wish to consider include Louisiana Purchasecompletion of the Erie CanalWar with Mexico —Homestead Actcompletion of the first transcontinental railroadand Native American Indian policies —Homesteaders Life Company provides funeral funding for families who demand and deserve long-term security for their funded advance funeral plans.

Our funeral insurance and funeral trust products are offered through select funeral homes by more than 8, funeral home owners, funeral directors and prearrangement professionals. Homesteading was a way of life created, in effect, by the U.S.

government. The Homestead Act, passed by Congress on May 20, , declared that any citizen of the United States could claim HOMESTEADERS Homesteaders, sometimes credited with settling the West, were people who took advantage of the Homestead Act of Source for information on Homesteaders: Gale Encyclopedia of U.S.

Economic History dictionary.

History and Culture - Homestead National Monument of America (U.S. National Park Service)

Go here for chart showing number of scuccessful homesteaders by decade and here to see the five year period when the most land was transferred from the Public Domain to ownership by homesteaders. The Homestead Act of is recognized as one of the most revolutionary concepts for distributing public land in American history.

The Homestead Act of Background. On January 1, , Daniel Freeman, a Union Army scout, was scheduled to leave Gage County, Nebraska Territory, to report for duty in St.

Louis. Western guidebooks described the plains area as a place with little water or firewood. But when the Homestead Act of was declared, even these dire descriptions couldn’t discourage settlers looking for a better way of life.

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