Bmw advertisment visual analysis essay

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Bmw advertisment visual analysis essay

The creature hovers above a polluted sky, unable to escape his fate. Source a close up of the details, showing the remaining humanity of the creature. Source Soto's "The Last Voyage" is a painting on wood panel, 72X60 inches, it is done in acrylic, and was part of a body of work Soto exhibited in his "Life Cylces" exhibition held at the Johnathan Levine gallery.

The subject matter, like much of Soto's work, is a monster that has human-like characteristics, inhabiting a desolate land that resembles our earth. It could be a futuristic earth or a made up world, but the connection to humanity and our environment is undeniable.

The figure in the foreground is crammed in a ship that seems to over between a desolate landscape and a polluted, yet bright sky. The landscape below is a gray and blue expanse of barren mountains that jut out towards the creature in the ship and the blue sky.

The sky turns from blue to green, as Soto uses his trademark swirls and graffiti inspired circles and spirals, making it look like pollution, here.

There is also a stream of exhaust coming from the back of the ship, making it appear to hover, as if it cannot completely leave the empty land it comes from, yet cannot continue skyward, to someplace new and of promise. The sky, despite its green, polluted atmosphere is bright and there are white clouds that linger about the ship, hopeful in the contrast to the greens and blues.

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Behind the figure that sits in the ship, there is another, more vibrant green in the shape of tree branches that come out like a shadow. Also included is an arm that echoes the figures own arm and points skywards toward the distance.

The sails and flags of the ship fly above the figure and the shadows behind him. The flags seem to have a lot of motion in them, as if they are joyously waving in the wind, waiting for the ships arrival; whereas the sails, though full, seem smaller than the rest of the figures in the composition.

In comparison to the large body stuffed into the ship, they seem minuscule, as if they are not large enough to support the ship and its voyagers. Below the sails, sits the actual figure of the composition, and perched on his head is a round, red ball-like creature, that has jagged teeth, beady black eyes and a sinister smile.

He simply sits on the head of the creature below, whose green face looks less monstrous than that of the thing above him. The main figure has pointy ears and oval, blue eyes. His teeth are also jagged, but less so, and his smile is more benevolent. In contrast to his green face, the figures feet and wrists are flesh colored, while his hands are blue and look as though they have been dipped in paint or turned that color due to frostbite or some infliction.

His left hand holds a paint roller on a long pole, it extends to the far right hand of the composition and we can see a light blue trail that it makes across the green and white sky. In his right hand he holds an anchor that dangles behind him, towards the mountains below.

The anchor is tiny and is attached to a small piece of string. The figures large body is covered in a garment that resembles a burlap sack, although it is furry and grey. The fur resembles that of a fluffy and cuddly animal, yet it is clearly not growing out of the figure, because the garment is torn off at the wrists and the ankles.

The figures feet busts through the hull of the ship and dangle in the air below. They look relaxed, as if it is no big deal that this creature cannot fit into his vessel. Vines cover the feet and wrap around the ankles, coming from inside of the ship.I am supposed to write an visual analysis essay on advertising ads anybody help me pick a topic asap?

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Bmw advertisment visual analysis essay

15 GB of storage, less spam, and mobile access. Writing About Art. APPENDIX III: Sample student papers (visual descriptions) For my analysis, I chose a painting by Emil Nolde, Large Sunflowers 1.

This piece is rather large, about a yard in each direction and is encased in a gold frame.

Bmw advertisment visual analysis essay

The medium is oil paint on a wood base. An advertisement may be about a pair of blue jeans but it might, indirectly, reflect such matters as sexism, alienation, stereotyped thinking, conformism, generational conflict, loneliness, elitism, and so on. Analysis of Automobile Advertisements in American Magazines Abstract The automobile is one of the most important products in American consumer culture.

Advertisment essay. Uploaded by. I will show you this by doing a visual analysis on three different ads. The first add is a Lucky Strike cigarette ad from , this add portrays a doctor looking at the cigarettes with the text, “20, Physicians recommend Lucky Strike.” The second ad is another tobacco ad from , which shows a.

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