Business plan keramik dapur

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Business plan keramik dapur

Located in a former pharmacy, the shelves of the showroom are bursting with handmade ceramic pieces. The products are made of clay from the Westerwald region and the glaze comes from Meissen.

They are typically spruced up with gold, silver or platinum. Additionally, they feature more than different motifs burnt into the ceramic. But we only moved into this space in It used to be a pharmacy and we were really lucky to stumble upon this place.

What were you trained in originally? How did you end up owning you shop here in Berlin? There are many different reasons for this. After I was finished in Bavaria, I moved to Paris where I went to ceramic school for another two years.

When my scholarship was about to expire, I was wondering where to go next. I was always sure that I wanted to move back to Germany. I had friends in Berlin and so Berlin it was.

In the beginning, there were a lot of other ceramicists and now, there are way less. I think only half of them are still here. But then, there are a lot of inquiries from people who want to do an internship at our studio. What I noticed is that during all these years, only two interns were originally from Germany.

What do you think makes your pottery stand out from others? I was never really customer-oriented, nor was it my goal to sell stuff on the potters market.


So I never really thought about what brings in most of the money. Eventually, I did of course — I make cups because people need them and buy them. But most of the time, I look for what I need.

If I need cups, then I make cups. And maybe this is what makes us different from others, who think about the market first.

How would you describe your style of pottery in 3 words? I would say… Alice in Wonderland, baroque, ironic. After all these years, do you have a favorite collection of yours?

business plan keramik dapur

It always changes and then I also sometimes forget about things. And do you know what the customers like to buy most? In terms of the different style of cups, there are two kinds of people: Where do you get your inspiration from?

I never think about what might be in fashion.

business plan keramik dapur

We use old templates from different sample books. Then, we print them on big sheets of paper with a silkscreen technique. We then cut it out, put it into water and then fix it onto the ceramic. The motif will then be imprinted and burnt into the ceramic. There are also some motifs drawn by hand like the carlin and portraits series, which consists of more than 60 different portraits from all kinds of celebrities.

France, Norway, Japan and Asia, in general. They really appreciate the material and our interpretation of ceramics. Also, everything must have a brand name here.Oct 10,  · Homepage / Uncategorized / Hanya Butuh Bahan Dapur dan Koran, Bau Knowing those vital notes will will let you make a sensible resolution when it comes to opting for a plan for you and your circle of relatives.

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We chatted with him and his wife Claudia Elsholz, who oversees the business side of the store, about the beginnings of Kühn Keramik, what’s so special about the design and why they’re more successful in other parts of the world than in their home country.

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