Describe and discuss the value of

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Describe and discuss the value of

Today, I want to talk about one of the most common and aggravating interview questions of them all: What is your greatest weakness? Are you rolling your eyes? Most candidates hate this question and consider it pointless.

Because the way you answer a question about your weaknesses is very telling. You may not even realize what you are communicating when you answer this question. I say that as an interview coach who has now worked with thousands of job seekers. To help out, we created an entire video lesson around it in our flagship product Big Interview.

Here are the mistakes that they typically make you may be able to relate: Trying to turn a negative into a positive. She has seen many candidates try the same song and dance. In fact, this approach will likely make her think you are hiding something.

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Refusing to answer the question. This answer also makes you look like you are hiding something. Revealing a weakness that raises red flags. Another mistake is to be too candid and confess to a weakness that would hinder your ability to excel in the role.

Read on for our advice on how to avoid these mistakes and talk about your weaknesses in a way that is both honest and smart.

Interview Questions About Weaknesses Here are some of the different weakness questions that are regularly asked in job interviews: This is probably the most common phrasing. Here you are being asked for more than one. The interviewer knows you have that one B.

Some interviewers will ask you to sum up both strengths and weaknesses in one answer. This phrasing is tricky. This question probes for weakness, but also emphasizes your ability to proactively set development goals. This phrasing takes a more positive approach, but it is still a question about weaknesses.

Follow-up Questions About Weaknesses You should also be prepared for follow-up or probing questions, especially if your answer to the original weakness question was vague or unconvincing. This is a more pointed follow-up when the interviewer is skeptical about your answer.

A tough interviewer may ask for more than one weakness, especially if the first one provided sounds false or over-rehearsed. Some interviewers just know that candidates often prepare only one weakness and want to see what they come up with on the spot.

If you dodge the question or try to fake your way through, the interviewer will wonder if: It can be very difficult to talk about your flaws in a stressful situation like a job interview.

Describe and discuss the value of

Negative topics require added diplomacy See also: Answering behavioral questions about failure. Is my breath okay? Why did he just frown like that? What am I going to say if he asks why I left my last job? How am I going to remember that teamwork example?

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However, there is a way to answer that is honest and authentic and still increases your odds of getting a job offer. Discuss your proactive efforts to improve.

Describe and discuss the value of

This shows that you are self-aware, have a drive to be your best, and that the weakness will not slow you down. You will make a better impression with sincerity.Other Cultures Collections of resources and information, mainly external to Ethnomed, on specific groups of refugee and immigrants.

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