General motors ethics and corporate social responsibility

May 08, — The initiative is aimed at encouraging public activism at many levels and at providing people with a unique roadmap for creating a sustainable world. The backbone of the effort will be an innovative and interactive web portal called GMability. As a company, our goal is to be transparent to our customers and the public, to help us engage in a dialogue about our common future.

General motors ethics and corporate social responsibility

General Motors Company believes that the business depends most significantly on its employees. For example, skilled workers are typically more attracted to employers that offer concrete career development plans. In addition, the company has employee-engagement initiatives to encourage employees to get involved in programs beyond the organization, such as sustainability projects in collaboration with other businesses and with governments.

This stakeholder group has interests in product pricing, design, and quality. The company addresses these interests in its CSR strategy by developing high quality products through continuous innovation.

Communities are interested in the positive or beneficial effects of business, including the effects of corporate social responsibility activities. For example, communities can spread positive publicity about the company, based on its sustainability and other corporate citizenship efforts. For example, the General Motors Fund gives financial assistance for American charities, international educational organizations and programs, and disaster relief programs in various regions of the world.

In this way, the CSR strategy has a direct link with communities. The combination of these various programs and initiatives supports the fulfillment of corporate responsibilities. Suppliers significantly affect the availability of materials and the corresponding operational capacity of the company Read: The interests of these stakeholders include profits and growth based on doing business with GM.

The company works with suppliers to ensure that the supply chain is as sustainable as possible. In addition, GM works with suppliers to develop solutions to challenges in transportation. The combination of these corporate responsibility initiatives helps these stakeholders improve their respective corporate citizenship positions.

Investors are determinants of the capital and business value of General Motors. Investors are interested in profits and continued growth of General Motors.

Large-scale manufacturing facilities, a global supply chain and a global distribution network support such economies of scale, which are seen as a major strength Read: For example, GM has considerable initiatives for supporting programs that benefit the business and communities, such as sustainability programs and educational programs.

Overall, the CSR strategy fulfills business ideals for corporate citizenship and brand enhancement objectives of General Motors. Despite the strong points of this corporate social responsibility strategy, improvements are applicable as a way of strengthening General Motors.

General motors ethics and corporate social responsibility

For instance, the CSR strategy can include additional programs for supporting community development. Add new programs, such as skills training programs, for community livelihood development.

Ethics, Sustainability and Stakeholder Management. How stakeholders view stakeholders as CSR motivators.Feb 13,  · "Making Good Business Sense" is what General Motors believes in.

GM Sustainability Report

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

The term CSR or "corporate social responsibility" is often used interchangeably with corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, social enterprise, sustainability, sustainable development, triple-bottom line, corporate ethics, and in some cases corporate governance.

Nonprofit organizations such as charities, foundations, religious. The Sullivan principles are the names of two corporate codes of conduct, developed by the African-American preacher Rev. Leon Sullivan, promoting corporate social responsibility: The original Sullivan principles were developed in to apply economic pressure .

Community Engagement. Our aim to build better educational, environmental and social programs helps enable a future for all of us that’s brighter and filled with promise.

General motors ethics and corporate social responsibility

General Motors is repurposing materials by donating or reusing to help strengthen the community. That’s why we’re proud to partner with various philanthropic. General Motors is committed to secure the sustainability of the company's economic success by conducting its business in a responsible manner.

The company's approach toward responsibility and sustainability focuses on the mitigation of risk as well as on capturing and creating value for all of its stakeholders. Community Engagement At the heart of our company culture is the desire to support the communities of our customers, uniting our employees and connecting us to the world.

Our aim to build better educational, environmental and social programs helps enable a future for all .

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