George washington whiskey rebellion essay writer

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George washington whiskey rebellion essay writer

Federalism The Whiskey Rebellion by Thomas Slaughter Slaughter is a very interesting author who does not write like many of his peers on historic topics. Throughout the whole book, Slaughter does not give his own opinions on what happened during the Whiskey Rebellion, but rather, he gives non biased facts to present both arguments through primary and secondary sources.

His book describes the actions that led up to the rebellion in western Pennsylvania in and how certain actions led to responses by both the people and the government. Slaughter says that the tax was designed to retire the national debt and was approved by Congress and supported by President George Washington.

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In the book, Slaughter takes the time at the introduction to explain all the underlying causes of this national argument and gives a detailed explanation of why some citizens thought the tax was acceptable while others believed it was abusive. Slaughter then goes into how this tax eventually became an issue of class warfare that divided the young country along geological and political lines.

Slaughter explains how the wealthy land owners in the eastern coast appeared not to have a problem with the tax and the idea of taxing whiskey in order to retire the debt was a good idea primarily because they had convinced Hamilton to modify the law so it did not overly burden them.

Slaughter then goes on to explain how the poor farmers located in western states found the tax extremely harsh because it was asking them to give something they felt they had no part of.

Because of their distance from the capital and how the government finance was something that could not be provided to them or several other governmental services that were not around when needed.

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Throughout the chapters, Slaughter goes on describing details of Indian massacres and other international events that show examples of poor people who cry out for government protection while wealthy tax collectors and land owners did not care about the harsh lives the underclass lived and how their lives were not easy at all.

At the end of the book, Slaughter takes a look at both George Washington and Alexander Hamilton to see how these issues and conflicts could have been avoided. Slaughter describes how Hamilton could have avoided the rebellion if he had been slightly more diplomatic in the issue.

In order for Washington to avoid the rebellion and unrest in western Pennsylvania, Slaughter stated that the President should have allowed the military expedition to continue and put down the original rebellion.

Slaughter explains how the whiskey rebellion basically occurred in order to establish the right of the Federal Government to levy taxes on the people. In short Slaughter tells us that this was a battle between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists and the Federalists won.

What is most surprising is that these problems are still occurring in throughout the nation with people raising questions as to how much power the government should have over creating new taxes and who they target them at. Slaughter begins his book The Whiskey Rebellion by describing the underlying causes that started the turmoil and unrest because of the new tax on whiskey and ends the book looking at possible actions that could have prevent the whole conflict as well as the outcomes of major players in the rebellion.

george washington whiskey rebellion essay writer

Throughout the middle of his book, Slaughter provides a wide variety of examples of other unrest happening at this time and how people try to stand up to their government for unjustified inequalities.When Baldwin was 15, his high-school running buddy, Emile Capouya, skipped school one day and, in Greenwich Village, met Beauford Delaney, a painter.

Capouya gave Baldwin Delaney's address and suggested paying him a visit. Baldwin, who worked at the time after school in a sweatshop on nearby Canal Street, visited Delaney at Greene Street. Whiskey Rebellion Cases take Working-Class Insurrection to Court, , and the Whiskey Rebellion: A Historiographical Essay, in STEVEN R.

BOYD, ed., THE WHISKEY REBELLION: PASTTHE WHISKEY REBELLION OF A DEMOCRATIC WORKING-CLASS INSURRECTION Wythe Holt1 INTRODUCTION George . Essay The Sedition Act of For the first few years of Constitutional government, under the leadership of George Washington, there was a unity, commonly called Federalism that even James Madison (the future architect of the Republican Party) acknowledged in describing the Republican form of government-- " And according to the degree of pleasure and pride we feel in being republicans, ought.

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Essay The Whiskey Rebellion Mike Klenosky 11/24/96 AP History per. 4 Ms. Valentino On August 1, , President George Washington was once again leading troops. Only this time Washington was not striking out against the British but rather against fellow Americans.

george washington whiskey rebellion essay writer

The occasion for this was the Whiskey Rebellion.

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