Independence day in hindi language

Indian independence movement European traders had established outposts in the Indian subcontinent by the 17th century.

Independence day in hindi language

Soon we will be celebrating our 72nd Independence Day and this every person gets involved and contribute their part during the celebration. As we know that Independence Day is our biggest yet precious national event this day the entire country enjoys national holiday.

India was officially declared as independent nation on 15th Augustmarking this year as our 72nd Independence Day.

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As we know that the struggle for independent India began with the invasion and it went on to continue for several years literally for over years long. In order to attain independence various activities were introduced as Independence movements led by some of the popular figures in Indian history.

As a matter of fact the Independence Day was celebrated before which is during the pre-independence day that was declared by the leaders to plant nationalistic concern among the people of India. During the period of to Independence Day was celebrated on 26th January as a movement for national disobedience.

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As we know that the independence day is the most important national event for and we celebrate this day every year on 15 August.

The Independence Day is significant because if it was not for the Independence Day then we would have never had the privilege of being able to live with freedom and liberty. Independence Day was not an achievement in history but our very fundamentals are based upon this very day of freedom.

It is true that Independence Day gave us the freedom that we longed for form the British rule. But other than our freedom Independence Day gave us our own constitution which came into effect on 26th January Thus we observe Republic Day on 26th of January every year which is also an important national event.

During the struggle for freedom different Independence Movement was introduced but these movements were based upon nonviolent resistance,civil disobedience such as boycott movement were led by the Indian National Congress leaders.

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When India was finally declared as independent country the Indian Independence Act was passed and legislative sovereignty was transferred to the Indian Constituent Assembly.

Later the Indian Constitution was written and our constitution is know as the larges hand written Constitution among any other Democratic Republic Country. So here we would like to highlight some of the importance and salient attributes of Independence Day because it has a deep root connected with our rich history.

Independence Day has not only gave us freedom but is has been the very path which leads our nation towards a brighter future because we are a nation with potential.

Independence day in hindi language

Thus every state and union territories of India observes this event to mark yet another year of freedom as an Independent Republic sovereign. Among various states and union territories of IndianNew Delhi the capital of our country observes Independence Day with it highest honor.

Flag hoisting ceremony is then followed by fire of Twenty one gun shots to honor the occasion and as a tribute to all the leaders and people of the Indian Independence Movement.

Finally after singing our national anthem the event proceeds further with parades. Likewise the celebration of Independence Day in every part of the country is similar, schools are involved in various activities such as sports, competitions,cultural events, etc.

During the celebration of Independence Day the tri-colour national flag can be seen waving to mark the freedom. Over the past years the celebration has been more than a nationalism to a broader celebration and in some part of the world 15th August is regarded as India Day.

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Instead of all those leaders he was the first great Indian fighter whose great efforts and sacrifice non-violently. This war was finished with the victory of India, it is because whiteness always win over darkness. Here are various files for students of any class, so all you need to do is download the file and use it of prepare a motivational speech on Independence Day.

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Independence Day is annually celebrated on 15 August, as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation's independence from the United Kingdom on 15 August , the UK Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act transferring legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly.

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Independence Day of India Posted by Nitin Kumar on Aug 16, in Hindi Language India got its freedom (स्वतंत्रता – Svatantrata) from the British rule on 15th August, Before independence, the India state consists of Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

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August 15, is the day embossed in gold in the account of India. It is the day when India attained its liberation from the claws of a long subjugation of over years of the British Rule.

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