It 210 checkpoint chapter 2 programming problem

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It 210 checkpoint chapter 2 programming problem


Review the example in Appendix B in the Course Materials forum. Post the table as an attachment. Describe two things you can do to overcome these difficulties. Explain how a structured approach relates to developing programs and why using an organized approach is important.

You work for a county court and need to design a program to calculate the total on a speeding tick. Each line of the table in Appendix G in the Course Materials forum indicates a MPH over the speed limit range and corresponding calculations for the fine and court costs for the range.

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Given a MPH over the speed limit, the fine is calculated by adding the base fine for the MPH over the speed limit range to the over the limit multiplier, the court costs are determined by court cost multiplier, and the total fine is the sum of the fine and the court costs.

You must use the Selection Control structure to determine the calculation at the different MPH over the speed limit. Design a program with pseudocode that solves this problem.

Perform a design walkthrough to verify your design. Post the assignment as an attachment. Your solution should look like the example provided in Appendix E; it must include the program analysis process, input, and output and the pseudocode.

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Then, think about the pseudocode algorithm you would write for a simple task, such as making a peanut butter sandwich, as well as three simple control structures you could use to create this algorithm.

What do you think is the most difficult part of creating the algorithm? What can you do to make this process easier? Do you think there are any other control structures that would make your problem-solving skills more efficient?

If so, describe them. In one of the week 3 discussion questions we discussed the algorithm that would be required to make a peanut butter sandwich. In this CheckPoint you will need to take that one step further and create a program design to make a peanut butter sandwiches.

In Appendix H in the Course Materials forum you will find a partial program design; you need to complete it by adding the pseudocode in the required areas. You need to add one repetition loop control structure and one decision control to complete the program design.

The user will decide how many sandwiches are made; this is where the loop will be used. The user will decide if the sandwich includes jelly, and, if it does, what flavor of jelly; to keep it simple we are only allowing grape or strawberry jelly.

It 210 checkpoint chapter 2 programming problem

Your solution should look like the example provided in Appendix E in the Course Materials forum; it must include the program analysis process, input, and output and the pseudocode. Develop the program design. You are required to generate only the pseudocode; no flow-charts are required.Chapter 2.

Installing, Preparing, and Verifying the Installation of NetView FTP V MVS Printing the NetView FTP V MVS Checkpoint Data Set.. 78 Chapter 6. Setting Up and Maintaining the ACF/VTAM Resources Used by The Maximum Number of File Transfers That NetView FTP V It Week 3 Checkpoint.

IT Week 3 Check Point Complete Case Projects , , & of Guide to Networking Essentials. After determining if a client-based or client/server model will be used, substantively justify your choice in to words. 1. CheckPoint: Chapter 2 Programming Problem · Review the example in Appendix E as well as the additional examples on pp.

33 and · Complete Ch. 2, Programming Problem 2, on p In Starting Out With Visual C# , Gaddis makes a very detailed and evenly-paced presentation of both programming and C# syntax concepts so all readers will be able to follow along.

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