Rereading america intro response

Acceptable level of skill as demonstrated in the English placement process or satisfactory completion of English 28 or English as a Second Language 8 Advisory: This is a college-level freshman composition course which focuses on expository writing and argumentation and requires the writing of a minimum of words in essays and a research paper. Students study a variety of texts written at the college level, including literature, that reflect current academic concerns relating to issues of language, ethnicity, class, gender, identity, psychology, and cultural studies.

Rereading america intro response

Apr 04, Francis rated it really liked it The book Rereading America provides a deep socio-psychological perspective of the American community. From the articles that make up the text to the illustrations depicting American people and their environment at different stages and statuses of life, the book directs the readers focus on the America that is not commonly seen from the outside perception of life.

The articles bring about the deep realities that most Americans assume to be unrelated to their lives in the past and the future. One The book Rereading America provides a deep socio-psychological perspective of the American community. One of the most vivid concepts from the articles is that of gender and social status being determinants of individual opportunity.

From the book, it is notable that individual opportunity is a myth that drives people to become overly engrossed in their social status and in groups where they can feel they belong, have the right form of education, clothing, and foods.

This implies that all members of the social struggle to ensure that they at least fit into what the social class they identify with consider normal.

Rereading america intro response

However, there are major differences in these struggles depending on the individual gender and race. This paper explores this concept from the article by Barbara Ehrenreich whose focus is on living and working in a low-class society and the article by Gregory Mantsios who focuses on the issue of class in America.

The paper will also relate the articles to the image of a white girl picking cotton found in the book under the images of individual opportunity in America The most important aspect of the article that relates to the concept of gender and class is the indication that the low-class citizens do not mind being mistreated, exploited and even overworked in poor inhumane conditions.

Their main desire is to secure a job and at least earn something to keep their lives moving on Barbara describes her own experience and opinions regarding a society that does not mind itself.

In very clear details, she describes that the women and the men in the low-income society, as the one she was working in Florida would rather work without food and the basic hygiene than to risk losing their jobs.

Healthy working conditions do not bother them and this increases their chances of being exploited at their own expense. The basic claim in this article is therefore that people living in abject poverty cannot be expected to live healthy lives with only the current minimum wage.

Their lack of opportunities, either based on their gender and social status means that they will become vulnerable to mistreatment and exploitation that further threaten their healthy living. The concepts explored in the book relate to the revelation that the American dream was never going to be realized, at least not by everybody.

The collection of essays and articles brings together opinions, expressions and personal experiences of different people and experts whose analytical and critical exploration of the life of Americans is rational.


Issues that have been widely regarded as of concern by with very little efforts to find a solution to them are explored in the book. Equal opportunity for all Americans is one of the concepts that has developed over time with a wide range of experts and scholars exploring the equity issue from different perspectives.

Two of the oldest perspectives in this is the gender and social class issues. For common America, the fact the people of a specific gender of a specific social class have a lesser individual opportunity for growth and empowerment is rather common.

However, most of the articles in the book attempt to reduce the common feeling and help expose the deeper roots of the concern.

This concern has therefore been selected due to the weight of the issue in the life today and the fact that most people tend to deny the existence of discriminations related to gender and social class. Whereas the existence of these vices is not debatable, the impact that they have on the life of the common American and the realization of the American dream is significant.

From his own description, there are refutable myths about a class that has been widely held by Americans, in order to deceive themselves that social class does not affect them as much His basic claim is that the class that anyone belongs to either consciously or otherwise affects them in a significant way.

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The author uses statistics to prove that being in a specific class in the society determines how one operate as an adult and also how the current and future generations in that line will survive.Rereading America has ratings and 24 reviews.

Francis said: The book Rereading America provides a deep socio-psychological perspective of the America /5(24). Essay on Rereading America - In the book, “Rereading America” by, Gary Colombo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle, it starts off on page describing a well educated Black Man of the times in s.

“Born Malcolm Little; Malcolm X was one of the most articulate and powerful leaders of Black America during the s.

Mar 18,  · Response to "Horatio Alger" by Harlon L. Dalton I do agree with Dalton’s claim that American society is far from operating on a strictly merit-based system because there is prejudice that still exists in this country. Mar 13,  · Intro to Colonial Latin America 5/24/08 There are three main types of foodstuff that was imported and greatly used in Colonial Latin America: salt, sugar, and tobacco.

Sugar and tobacco are closely intertwined, if something happens to one the other is affected. Rereading America has 4 ratings and 0 reviews: Published February 28th by Bedford/St. Martin's, 0 pages, Paperback4/5(4). Response to Rereading America Introduction The introduction to the text, Rereading America, challenges us to look beyond the common misconceptions of the “myth” the American dream and to think critically.

As far as what I think it means to be an American citizen, there are many things to consider.

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