Rubbertech case study

Protective Keypad Coatings Protective Rubber Cover Mouldings Rubbertech supply many customers with bespoke protective rubber cover mouldings for instrumentation. Like covers you purchase to protect your mobile phone these moulded covers offer impact protection and help to extend the life of the product.

Rubbertech case study

This decision could impede potential growth that would far exceed the offer that is currently on the table. In this case, the potential for reward clearly justifies the risk involved. The recommended marketing strategy for Rubbertech is illustrated at a high level below.

We will write a custom essay sample on Rubbertech Case Study Order now More Essay Examples on Therefore, it would be prudent for Rubbertech to begin their marketing efforts within Thailand. Since Rubbertech is a Thai company, targeting the Thailand first will be an easier transition from a relationship building perspective; they will not need to devote time or resources toward breaking cultural barriers, and can focus on romoting their value proposition.

Additionally, Rubbertech has no direct competitors, except manual labor and an Indian company with burgeoning technology that is akin to the RTP Eisenstein While the Indian company is in the research and development phase, Rubbertech can develop their brand in Thailand.

For each segment of plantations, the only current competition against the RTP is from workers manually removing impurities from RSS. Therefore, we determined the average cost savings from using the RTP versus manual labor for each segment.

These cost savings reflect a significant value proposition for these two segments. This amount could be marginal since it may not offset other costs associated with purchasing the RTP See Exhibit 3. In the interim, Rubbertech should focus on marketing to large and medium sized plantations because they can more easily differentiate their offering with a solid value proposition.

Rubbertech case study

Perceived Value Pricing Rubbertech should focus on marketing to large and medium plantations because those segments have the best value proposition for the customer. If a large or medium plant purchases the RTP, they will realize cost savings that will offset the cost of the purchasing the unit itself.

Therefore, Rubbertech needs to leverage the economic value to the customer for each segment. With this pricing strategy, Rubbertech will gain a small profit in their first year and still have room to alter their pricing strategy as necessary. Outside of the price itself, Rubbertech has an opportunity to create unique pricing options.

Since the RTP has a one year life, lease pricing could be a viable option. Therefore, they should not market the RTP as a product but as a solution to a problem. Medium and large plantations need to remove impurities from rubber; however, this process is tedious and painstaking, and not always accurate.

Therefore, Rubbertech needs to package themselves as a complete solution. In addition to selling the RTP with its unique value proposition, they need to sell the ease of transition from manual labor to using the product.

Rubbertech can sell this transition by providing demonstrations of the RTP, prior to selling it. The company can empower its sales force to work closely with the customer to determine their specific needs and concerns to create a custom transition plan.

For medium sized plants, this could prove extremely useful because they may not possess existing infrastructure to determine the transition themselves; for large sized plants, this could help loosen existing processes prior to the sale of the RTP unit.

For these markets, the value proposition is tangible because of the cost savings attributed to the RTP. If Rubbertech can gain these segments over the next year, they will be well positioned against future competitors that produce the same type of product.

The ROI is clear for large and medium plants. Rubbertech should market their technical support to medium plantations as a method to improve their infrastructure for operations and maintenance of the RTP.

Since they have slightly higher ROI and higher perceived value of the product, there is likely more room to add value by improving their processes. By offering additional services, Rubbertech can segue into providing customer intimacy in a consultative manner, as shown in the following sections.

Skills — Customer Intimacy To cross the chasm, customer intimacy is of utmost importance because the vendor needs to establish a working relationship that creates loyalty and retention. As in the aforementioned paragraph, Rubbertech can package their offering beyond the RTP itself.

With the technical support, Rubbertech can tout customer intimacy as a tenet of their philosophy, which will enhance their value proposition. This will reduce the skepticism and create an air of trust between Rubbertech and their customers.sound proofing questions and answers relating to wide range of noise issues and different noise problems, how to control and address excessive noise.

Rubbertech Case. The current market conditions (where the firms are going bust) have provided Chai with a lifetime opportunity.

Rubbertech case study

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