Writing a great stump speech examples

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Writing a great stump speech examples

Every election is a choice. And this year, the choice could not be more clear. You see, we look at our country and say: We know what it takes to make our economy stronger and fairer.

We know what it takes to make our communities safer. We know what it takes to make college more affordable, and retirement more secure. We know that we need to strengthen, not abandon, the promise of public education.

We know that inclusion makes us stronger, and so, by the way, do the immigrants who come here to play by the rules and build better lives. We know what it takes to lead the world both with the example of our power, and with the power of our example.

We know what needs to be done.

writing a great stump speech examples

Listen to our opponents and you hear a different refrain. We are powerless in the face of our problems. But I want to ask you a question: What if, at the most pivotal moments in our history, their philosophy had won the day?

What if John F. No Voting Rights Act. But this is a democracy. By us and for us. And creating the America we want is up to us. So in this election, you have a choice. Look for a Democrat. The Economy And that work begins with our economy. Heads, Wall Street wins. Tails, Main Street loses. Tell American companies that if you want to profit under the protection of our laws, bring those profits home.

Create a fairer economy. SinceCEO compensation has gone up by percent. Worker productivity went up by 65 percent. But look at what happens when you raise wages, even by a modest amount. When you raise the minimum wage, you give money to the people who spend more.

But when you increase their income by a dollar, they actually spend more than a dollar, because, knowing they can count on those wages going forward, they can use credit.

Plus, a higher minimum wage pushes up near-minimum-wage salaries. Basic decency and sound economics both bring you to the same conclusion: And by the way, inwhen the House passed a minimum wage increase, 82 Republicans voted for it.

It got 94 votes in the Senate, half of them from the Republican Party. Education Of course, if we really want to strengthen our economy, the best answer, the only answer, is to educate our way forward. It means strong community schools and well-trained teachers who not only spark a love of learning, but prepare our children for college, for careers, and for life.

We need to treat teachers like the professionals that they are. So long as the first thing you do with it is use it to pay off your loans. We can make sure that every student in this country has the opportunity to get a community college degree for free. And we can make sure that students who do take out loans can get the same low rates the banks get when they borrow money.

Why should a student pay more to borrow money than Morgan Stanley?How to use this in a sentence. Example sentences with the word this. this example sentences. A speech can decide the course that a political campaign takes.

It is one of the factors that makes a difference to the future of a nominee. A few pointers for those interested in .

Advanced Introduction to Creative Writing UNIT1 An Introduction to Fiction UNIT2 An Introduction to UNIT4 Poetry . The Perfect Democratic Stump Speech We asked Democratic speechwriter Jeff Nussbaum to write a totally pandering stump speech for an imaginary Democratic presidential candidate — one who espouses only positions that a majority of Democrats agree with (we also did the same with Republicans).

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SAMPLE RESPONSE PAPERS. Below is a collection of strong (and exceptionally strong) response papers from students. All received high grades. They are good examples of insightful thinking and strong writing. I would especially encourage you to notice that most of them don’t have obvious organization; most of them let their ideas .

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